USPA AFF and UPT Sigma Tandem Ratings Required

CSC has full-time and part-time (weekend) positions available for Sigma tandem and USPA AFF instructors in good standing with USPA, UPT, and the FAA. Contractors must have S-Corp or LLC (TIs may not be paid as individuals or employees). While all applicants will be considered, preference will be given to multi-rated instructors and those with handcam experience.


To succeed on our team, you must truly value the entire experience your student has at the dropzone. You develop trust with your team members, communicate respectfully, and contribute positively to the community vibe of the dropzone. You pursue continued education in skydiving and welcome feedback and training. You will embrace our core values

In return for your commitment to making CSC the best it can be, we offer you a work environment you can enjoy. You'll jump new, expertly maintained gear. You will fly in properly maintained aircraft with well trained pilots. You will have direct access to management and your feedback will be valued. You will work at a clean, modern facility with the proper tools, technology, and support staff to do the job.


CSC operates April thru October. We fly every day during peak months and limited days per week in the early and late season. Full time contractors are expected to work a maximum of 6 days per week, including both weekend days. Part time contractors are expected to work a maximum of 4 days per week, including both weekend days. We make an effort to respect your time by proactively communicating about scheduled reservations, weather, or other issues that may affect operations. Pay is competitive with other area dropzones. Contractors are paid every two weeks when invoices are submitted on time.

Our tandem guest size chart is strictly enforced with all guests and bonus pay is available when guests are above 240 pounds. Instructors should be willing and able to fly with any passenger who meets chart requirements. CSC staff will never be asked to take tandems up in winds higher than 25 knots. Catchers are almost always available in winds above 10 knots.

CSC sells inside and outside video packages with a high percentage of pre-purchased media. TIs will typically jump a dual handcam setup on every tandem, with the ability to sell spec upgrades for bonus pay. You will need to provide your own camera gear and dual handcam glove at your own expense.

Our fleet are master rigger maintained UPT Micro Sigmas with Sigma 340 mains, PD reserves, and Vigil AADs. No rig is more than four years old and every rig receives 25-jump checks and immediate maintenance when needed. Our packers are well trained, accountable for their work, and care about your openings.

Perks include:

  • Small team with rotation designed to fairly distribute customers
  • Free weekly staff jumps
  • Discounted events, fun jumps, and tunnel time
  • On-site RV park with reliable wifi, electric, and water service
  • 24 hour access to laundry, bathrooms, and private shower rooms
  • Annual staff appreciation outing

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