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Competitors should plan to be on-site all days their discipline is scheduled, including weather days. Competitor banquet is included with registration, and will be held the evening of August 23. All registered competitors are encouraged to attend. Additional social activities will be announced closer to event start date.


Foreign and guest competitors may compete at the discretion of the Meet Director and at their own expense, provided they are regular USPA members and comply with the minimum age and license requirements.To compete and be eligible for nationals medals, competitors must be a current, regular USPA member and—

· Be a U.S. citizen OR possess a Resident Alien Card U.S. INS Card I-551, OR an I-551 temporary stamp in their passport.
· Be at least 18 years of age
· Have at least 100 freefall skydives
· Hold a current, valid USPA C license or higher or FAI Certificate of Proficiency
Eligibility for USPA Nationals Medals and the U.S. Team
The following are not eligible to receive a U.S. Nationals medal or serve as U.S. Team members:
· Foreign and guest competitors
· Competitors ineligible to hold an FAI sporting license issued by the U.S.
· U.S. citizen/legal resident competitors eligible to hold a US-issued FAI sporting license, but who are not eligible to represent the U.S. at a FAI First Category Event (FCE) by current FAI rules.


Competitors are encouraged to pre-register online, prior to arrival at the meet. Videographers are considered competitors. Online registration allows competitors to pre-purchase their competition jumps. While this is optional, it is encouraged. Jumpers may purchase additional jumps upon arrival to be used for practice jumps. All practice and competition jumps will be $26 each. 7 jumps are required for Acro competition, 9 jumps are required for Performance competition.



Meet Director: Jim HayhurstUSPA Controller: Randy ConnelChief Judge: Michael CooperEvent Judges: Jami Pillasch, Daniel Angulo, Zach Schroedel, Mary Urgallo, Alix Raymond

Event Sponsors: Paralog, FlySight